Heads Up

This cyclist accident was caused by the cyclist looking down and losing sight of where he was going. We have seen this many times over our years of cycling. This is the reason that we developed the VeloView Prism. We knew that there must be a solution for this problem. We knew that we could make cycling safer.

The video demonstrates the risk of cycling while looking down. The VeloView Prism does not make you safe but it is a tool that will make you safer.

The VeloView Prisms is provides comfort and improved aerodynamics, but what is most important is the safety. Our greatest interest and concern is to make cycling safer. The number of cycling injuries and fatalities are on the rise. We will do whatever is possible to reduce this tragic pattern.

Cycling provides exercise and the ability to explore our world. We want this experience to be as safe as possible.The VeloView Prism can contribute in making cycling safer. It does not replace responsible and focused riding.

Cycle safely,