The VeloView Prism

The VeloView prism allows you to Ride Safer, Ride Faster and Ride More Comfortably.
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The VeloView Prism

The VeloView prism allows you to Ride Safer, Ride Faster and Ride More Comfortably.

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A VeloView Prism, mounted on your bike, allows you to see the road ahead while you maintain your heads down/aerodynamic position.

Reduce strain on your neck and back while riding Safer, Faster, and More Comfortably with a VeloView Prism.

Comments & Testimonials

I like this prism because

it gives me a constant view of what’s ahead of me when using aerobars on my road bike without straining my neck. The field of view is somewhat limited due to the nature of prisms but it is adequate for my needs.

Sarah – Happy Amazon Customer

In addition to the huge benefit in neck comfort,

your device will also let me stay in the tri position – which is the only thing that prevents my hands going numb.

Sam NavonMD, PhD, FACS, Chief, Cornea and Refractive Surgery, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

I Ride Faster with VeloView Prism

I have been riding with the VeloView Prism for over a year. It has dramatically improved my speed when I am pulling. I cannot imagine riding without my VeloView Prism.

I have also watched other riders lose focus on the road and almost hit objects in the road. This not only creates a risk for them but also creates risk for those following.

Larry Joe Fridy

Comme un avantage sur la sécurité.

J’ai décidé d’essayer “VeloView” qui est un prisme attaché au guidon, ce qui nous permet de voir ce qui se trouve devant soi lorsque nous sommes en position aérodynamique la tête baissée. C’est un outil secondaire puisque nous devons toujours avoir conscience de ce qui nous entoure, mais la sécurité accrue est un facteur important.  Merci.

Roger Gaudet02/2017 – Long Time User

I have been using the VeloView for about 6 months

and have enjoyed it very much. I particularly like it when I am on long straightaways or riding into the wind.

Rick Guevara 05/2018 – Satisfied User

Your product is exactly what I have been looking for

I have a fused neck with a plate from an old car accident. Didn’t take up long distance riding until I was 71 and 4 years later love it. The install of the aerobars really added to my comfort and speed, but my neck does not like lifting my head up to see. I remember my father had a prism that fit on the visor of the car allowing him to see traffic lights when stopped below them. I keep searching the web and calling bike shops. I stumbled on your site today. Thank You.

John J Decarli (MSU 1966)

A Great Addition to my bike

I am a triathlete training for long events. I use my aero bars but I have found it hard to maintain an aero position for long periods. The Prism has allowed me to stay on my bars and remain comfortable. My times have gotten better and I feel better. It was easy to install and although it took a few rides to be totally comfortable with this device I can’t imagine riding without it now. I would recommend it to any triathlete or other person using aero bars.

Cecelia Henderson

More speed, More comfort

VeloView is for you! I’ve been using it for about 3 years and just received my second one for my new bike. It lets me maintain a more aerodynamic position for longer periods of time and lets me increase my speed. No need to pick up your head to see in front of you. Everyone with aerobars should have one.

Ricardo Guevaro (Amazon Verified Purchaser)

Read what Geeky Gadgets has to
say about the VeloView Prism:

VeloView Prism Keeps Your Eyes On the Road
While Your Head Is Down! 

February 9, 2017 By Julian Horsey


Cyclists that use Aerobars for a more comfortable and aerodynamic riding position, that would like to keep their head down for longer periods of time without the need to check the road ahead. Are sure to be interested in a new product which has been created by Carl Panek and Larry Leventhal.

The VeloView Prism has been designed specifically for bicycle Aerobars and allows you to keep your head down while still being able to view the road ahead, giving you an aerodynamic advantage over your competitors who still have to raise their heads to check the road ahead.